In the modern world, maintaining a healthy weight can be a difficult task. When you make the decision to lose weight, every little bit can help. Spearmint tea is no exception. Although spearmint alone won’t make you lose weight, when paired with other efforts, this tasty mint tea can offer several positive traits, and may help to pave the way to a healthy weight.

Common Weight Loss Obstacles

Several things can stand in the way of weight loss, some you may know well, and some that may never have occurred to you. Below are a few of the common pitfalls faced by people trying to lose weight.

  • Poor nutrition: Eating better doesn’t simply mean portion control. When it comes to a healthy diet, quality is just as important as quality. Replacing heavy carbs and sugars with proteins, fruits and vegetables can make a huge difference in your diet and overall health.
  • Lack of exercise: When you live a sedentary lifestyle, your body turns those excess calories into fat. Since eating too little only makes the body hold on to those fats, the best way to use those fat stores is by exercise. Even ten minutes of exercise a day can help.
  • Bad Sleeping Habits: Proper rest is essential for the body to function. Sleep deprivation slows the metabolism, leaving poor energy, interrupting digestion and eventually leading to weight gain. Fatigue also causes us to crave carbs, a source of weight gain in many people. Getting plenty of rest each night will go a long way toward weight loss.
  • Hormone Imbalance: Our hormones regulate much of our body’s functions, and an imbalance can lead to weight gain in several ways. Thyroid dysfunction, in particular, is a common contributor to being overweight. Consult with a doctor if you suspect a hormone imbalance may be at work.

Chronic Stress: Some people may lose weight under stress, but for many, stress often leads to weight gain. The stress hormone cortisol spurs the metabolism and increases appetite, dangerous in the long-run. Most of us also gravitate to high calorie “comfort foods” when stressed, which don’t actually reduce stress, but do lead to weight gain.

  • Medication: Certain medicines can increase appetite, slow the metabolism or otherwise contribute to weight gain. Research the medications you’re currently taking and discuss with your doctor if there might be alternative treatments.

How Spearmint Tea May Help Weight Loss

Spearmint tea does not burn off fat directly, but many of its benefits can help weight loss efforts. Spearmint acts as an appetite suppressant, reducing the urge to overeat. It also helps to smooth digestive function and enables better absorption of nutrients, important for good health overall.

The stress-relieving properties of spearmint tea are essential for weight loss, as it calms both body and mind and limits the damaging effects of stress. This calming property may also help to restore a healthy sleep cycle, allowing the rest necessary for healthy weight loss.

Organic Spearmint Tea for PCOS and Facial Hair

Spearmint tea also has the ability to help regulate hormone balance, especially in women. Maintaining a healthy hormone balance may reduce weight gain and keep the metabolism properly functioning. This is particularly helpful for women dealing with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a hormone-related disease often exhibiting weight gain and excess hair growth. Spearmint tea has shown particular effectiveness in women with this disease, and may help PCOS sufferers to stop weight gain.

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