The Cool Delight of Spearmint Tea and Its Health Benefits

BuddhaTeas Spearmint TeaCool, sweet and refreshing, spearmint is truly the monarch of the mint family. Father of the favored prince, peppermint, spearmint is respected and desired for its potent aroma and equally potent taste. It is thus named for its bright green spearhead-shaped leaves, and though it was once indigenous to the Mediterranean, today it can be found almost anywhere on the planet. Unknown to most, however, is that the ancient civilizations that first cultivated the herb did not use it only for its stimulating taste, but also for its remarkable health benefits. Spearmint offers a wealth of helpful properties, especially when brewed into a refreshing cup of spearmint tea.

Organic Spearmint Tea Promotes Digestive Function

Possibly the most common use for spearmint tea is promoting healthy digestion. This is largely due to its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action. As an anti-inflammatory herb, spearmint works to halt inflammation of the stomach, small intestine and bowel, thus improving the body’s digestive ability and alleviating digestive discomfort. The antispasmodic properties calm overactive muscles, which is beneficial for calming nausea and relieving diarrhea. It should be noted, though, that spearmint tea may agitate heartburn and acid reflux, so those prone to either should drink it only in moderation.

Beneficial for Respiratory Health

The anti-inflammatory property of spearmint tea is also beneficial for respiratory health. In cases of bronchitis, asthma or other inflammation-based respiratory ailments, spearmint tea may help to ease the inflammation and improve airflow. Furthermore, spearmint offers antimicrobial effects that may assist the immune system in combating respiratory infection. Finally, the menthol in spearmint offers a potent analgesic effect that helps to numb the pain of a sore throat. Combined with the soothing quality of the warm tea, this tea is highly effective at alleviating soreness and throat pain.

Spearmint Tea for Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Hirsutism

Women can reap a particular benefit from spearmint tea in terms of balancing hormones. Specifically, spearmint may help to reduce excess levels of male hormones (also called androgens). This effect is particularly beneficial for women dealing with hirsutism, which is abnormal hair growth caused by high levels of testosterone in women. Studies are currently looking into what other disorders related to high levels of male hormones may also be helped by the use of spearmint tea; evidence suggests spearmint tea may be useful for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a disease triggered by elevated levels of androgens and a primary cause of hirsutism.

Make a Cup of 100% Organic Spearmint Tea

Preparation: Making a cup of spearmint tea is a simple process. To prepare the tea, immerse one tea bag in 8oz. of hot water, and steep for 4-6 minutes. Remove the tea bag and add any desired accents, such as sugar, honey or milk. Spearmint works well as an accompaniment to other less appetizing herbs, and may be included according to preference. While spearmint tea is largely safe for consumption, with very few known side effects, it is still recommended to discuss with a doctor before drinking spearmint tea therapeutically if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescribed medication.

Add Spearmint to Your Tea Collection

While one might expect spearmint tea to be easy to come by, this refreshing herbal tea is sadly often overshadowed by its more popular cousin, peppermint tea. As such, you may not be likely to find single-ingredient spearmint tea in your typical grocery store. You may instead try tracking it down in a local teashop or health food store, or you can pick it up from an online vendor. To ensure that you receive the best quality tea available, it is important to seek out a vendor who relies on high quality organic ingredients. We recommend Buddha Teas because of their commitment to using pure, fresh spearmint leaves that are certified organic and kosher. They use no preservatives or added flavoring, and their tea bags are all bleach-free to eliminate the risk of damaging chemicals. This allows you to really taste the incomparable natural quality in every sip for a truly refreshing experience. We hope you’ve found this article to be useful; if you’d like further information on the benefits of spearmint tea, please feel free to contact us.